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Find web services developed by the Aebersold lab below. Please find the main lab web page here


xQuest: discover crosslinks, xQuest webserver application

xQuest/xProphet: Software for the analysis of cross-linked peptides.

xTract: Software for the quantification of cross-linked peptides.

Xwalk: Prediction, Validation and Visualisation of Chemical Cross-Links

Mayu: Protein Identification False Discovery Rates

SuperHirn: label-free quantification; Latin Square Data

SRMCollider: Prediction of Interferences in SRM

OpenSWATH: Analysis of SWATH / DIA mass spectrometric data

MSProteomicsTools: Some hopefully useful tools for mass spectrometry applied to proteomics. See also the documentation

TRIC: TRIC alignment tool for targeted proteomics.

findMF: find molecular features - methods for feature detection in 1D and 2 D qTOF MS data.

Protter: The open-source tool for interactive integration and visualization of annotated and predicted protein sequence features together with experimental proteomic evidence!

TAPIR: TAPIR, a fast and efficient Python visualization software for chromatograms and peaks identified in targeted proteomics experiments.

PerLudUm: Toprak, U. H., et al. (2014). "Conserved peptide fragmentation as a benchmarking tool for mass spectrometers and a discriminating feature for targeted proteomics." Mol Cell Proteomics 13(8): 2056-2071. Access paper

SWATH2stats: SWATH2stats is an R/Bioconductor package to process and convert quantitative SWATH-MS proteomics data for downstream analysis tools

Published datasets:

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